Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daily Message from St'Faustina's Diary

September 12th:


When our confessor [Father Sopocko] was away, I confessed to the Archbishop [Romuald Jalbrzykowski]. 
When I revealed my soul to him, I received this reply: "My daughter, arm yourself with great patience; if these things come from God, they will be realized sooner or later. So be completely at peace. I understand you very well in this matter, my daughter. And now, as regards your leaving the Congregation and thinking of another one, do not such thoughts, for this would be a serious interior temptation." 
After this confession, I said to the Lord Jesus, "Why do Yon command me to do such things and yet do not make it possible to accomplish them?" Then I saw the Lord Jesus after Holy Communion in the same little chapel where I had gone to confession, in the same way in which He is represented in the image. 
The Lord said to me, Do not be sad. I will give him to understand the things I am asking of you. 
When we were leaving, the Archbishop was very busy, but he told us to return and wait a bit. 
When we entered the chapel again, I heard these words in my soul: Tell him what you have seen in this chapel. At that very moment the Archbishop came in and asked if we did not have something to tell him
But  although I had been commanded to tell him, I could not do so because I was in the company of one of the sisters. One more word from the Holy Confession: "To entreat mercy for the world is a great and beautiful idea. Pray much, Sister, pray for mercy upon sinners, but do it in your own convent."

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